That once grease becomes fixed to the oven surface it will eventually become (CARBONISED) literally ceiled to the surface. At this stage you will not be able to effectively remove the grease, which in time will affect the performance of your oven. The carbon build up will affect the thermal transfer of heat, slowing down the cooking time, also attach its self to the ovens thermostat reducing its effectiveness to regulate the ovens heat.

Last but not least the build up of grease will cause the oven to start smoking, effectively rendering the oven unusable.


For the cost of having your oven professionally cleaned on a regular basis will not only keep it looking good, but prolong its operating life and performance.


To ensure that all the surface and even carbonised grease is completely removed from the interior of your oven, the door will be removed our specialised de creasing solution applied after which the grease will be removed using a combination of scourers and scrapers .Finally the interior will be rinsed and wiped dry, ready for use once again. The oven facia is also cleaned and of course the door, should there be any grease which has found its way in behind the glass facia, the door will be dismantled the grease removed before being replaced.

The clean also includes the oven racks at no extra charge, these will be removed and placed in a heated dip tank , which will loosen the grease prior to its removal, the racks are then rinsed and dried before being returned to your oven.

Should you require the hob to be cleaned the same process will be applied the clean will also include the heating rings and flame collars, once again all parts will be rinsed and dried before being returned to the cooker.

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